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Prayer and Salvation
Fr. Patrick Reardon

In this series of theological reflections Fr. Pat makes evident his penetrating insight into the text of Holy Scripture, and presents significant practical guidance on how to pray the Scriptures and live the life of faith unto salvation.

Fr. Patrick is the long-time pastor of All Saints Orthodox Church in Chicago, Ill, and an erudite priest-scholar who has published numerous articles and books, and serves as senior editor of Touchstone Magazine. The titles of the four lectures are as follows:

Lecture 1: Praying the Psalms
Lecture 2: Praying the Gospels
Lecture 3: The Structure of Salvation
Lecture 4: The Just Shall Live by Faith

All four lectures for $10.

All 4 Lectures: $10.00
Patriotism: The Duty of a Christian to His Nation
Father Josiah Trenham

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present. This five-lecture series by Father Josiah Trenham is designed to ignite the waning fires of patriotic love in the hearts of believers. In these lectures the student will glean the Scriptural teaching on the nature of allegiance to the state, as well as survey the historic exceptionalism and present degradation of the American nation. The series concludes with a lecture designed to answer the question: How Then Shall We Now Live in a Post-Christian Society? The lecture titles are as follows:

Lecture 1: What is Patriotism?
Lecture 2: The Contours of Patriotism according to the Scriptures
Lecture 3: American Exceptionalism
Lecture 4: American Degradation
Lecture 5: The Call of the Hour to Patriots

All five lectures are offered for $15.

All 5 Lectures: $15.00
Lecture 1 - What is Patriotism?: $0.00
Mary Greeted Elizabeth: Witnessing Christ in the World Today
Father Maximos Constas

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a lecture delivered by Father Maximos (Constas) at the fall retreat of the Orthodox Inter Seminary Movement held on Sept. 28th, 2018 at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA. Enjoy.

Mary Greeted Elizabeth: Witnessing Christ in the World Today: $0.00
Riches in Christ: An Exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians
Fr. Josiah

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new six-part lecture series entitled: Riches in Christ: An Exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians. This New Testament letter is a circular catechetical piece, the very crown of Pauline theology, and written by the Great Apostle while he was an "ambassador in chains" in prison. This sacred text unveils God's mystery and the unsurpassable riches that all believes possess in Christ. It is of massive pedagogic import for the Christian life, revealing both the saving acts of the Holy Trinity on our behalf and the contours of a Christian walk that is worthy of the Gospel.

Lecture 1: Lavished with Every Spiritual Blessing
Lecture 2: Dead in Sin- Alive in Christ
Lecture 3: The Revelation of the Mystery
Lecture 4: Walking Worthy of the Gospel
Lecture 5: Holiness in Our Common Life
Lecture 6: Spiritual Warfare

All six lectures for $15

All 6 Lectures: $15.00
Lecture 1 - Lavished with Every Spiritual Blessing: $0.00
Forgiveness: Balm for the Heart
Dr. Xenia Enke

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a two part lecture series entitled, Forgiveness: Balm for the Heart, presented by Dr. Xenia Enke, an accomplished Orthodox psychologist and clinician. In this series Dr. Enke presents the essential components of authentic apologies, the supreme importance of seeking and granting forgiveness, the critical necessity for doing this hard work, strategies for making effective apologies, and the beautiful healing benefits of forgiveness for both the seeker and the one who forgives.

Both Lectures: $7.00
Concentrated Prayer: Praying as an Expression of Love for God
Father Maximos Constas

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new lecture series by Father Maximos Constas entitled Concentrated Prayer: Praying as an Expression of Love for God. In this series Father Maximos, with his distinctive pedagogical mastery, distills the teaching on concentrated prayer of St. Maximos the Confessor and of Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra, and provides numerous helps to overcoming obstacles in prayer.

Lecture 1: Concentrated Prayer as an Expression of Love for God
Lecture 2: Overcoming Difficulties in Prayer
Questions and Answers

Plus Bonus Lecture: 

The Personality of the Mother of God: What Kind of Person Was She?
By Father Calinic Berger

All 4 Lectures: $10.00
The Parables of Jesus: Revealing the Mysteries of the Kingdom
Fr. Josiah

We have some 40 different parables recorded in the Holy Gospels. Jesus used these parables both to confound insincere and shallow disciples, and to deeply reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven to His faithful and authentic followers. In this five-lecture series Father Josiah Trenham expounds the eight parables found in Chapter 13 of St. Matthew’s Gospel, otherwise known as Jesus’ Parabolic Discourse, and reveals the mysteries of God’s Kingdom in the human heart.

All 5 Lectures: $15.00
Works: The Offspring of Faith
Fr. Josiah

The Epistle of St. James is perhaps the earliest book of the New Testament, having been penned by St. James, the Brother of God. St. James insists that pure and undefiled religion is a working faith expressing itself in sincere trust in God through all trials and zealous deeds of justice and mercy as believers anticipate the coming of the Lord, Whose 2nd Advent is right at the door.

All 5 Lectures: $15.00
American Holiness: A Religious History of America and Her Saints
Fr. Josiah Trenham

Historical periods reviewed include: The colonial period in the 17th century through the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings; the rise of the black churches; the invention of the American Originals – protestant faiths originating in the United States; the waxing and waning of American Catholicism; the meteoric rise of Pentecostalism in the 20th century; and culminating in the explosion of religious pluralism in the last 50 years during which millions of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus have migrated to the United States. The lives of Saints reviewed include: Ss. Herman of Alaska; the Hieromartyr Juvenaly and the New-Martyr Peter the Aleut; Innocent of Alaska; Alexis of Wilkes-Barre; Raphael of Brooklyn; Tikhon the Enlightener of North America; John of San  Francisco; Sebastian of Jackson; and Nikolai of Ochrid.

All 9 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1 - Colonial Religion and the Life of St. Herman of Alaska the Wonder Worker: $0.00
Lecture 2 - The Great Awakening and the Life of Hieromartyr Juvenaly and New Martyr Peter the Aleut: $3.00
Lecture 3 - The 2nd Great Awakening and the Life of St. Innocent Equal to the Apostles: $3.00
Lecture 4 - American Catholicism and the Life of St. Alexis of Wilkes Barre: $3.00
Lecture 5 - The American Originals Pt. 1 and the Life of St. Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn: $3.00
Lecture 6 - The American Originals Pt. 2 and the Life of St. Tikhon Enlightener of North America: $3.00
Lecture 7 - The Black Churches and the Life of St. Sebastian of Jackson: $3.00
Lecture 8 - Pentecostalism and the Life of St. John of San Francisco the Wonder Worker: $3.00
Lecture 9 - American Religious Pluralism and the Life of St. Nikolai of Ochrid: $3.00
True Love: God’s Purposes for Marriage
Fr. Josiah

It is this expansive and glorious vision, articulated in the Scriptures and by the Church Fathers, that is to inspire the practical and every-day outworking of Christian marriage and family life. The God-ordained purposes of marriage are fixed, and for God-fearing Christians keep marriage from becoming a wax-nose manipulated and deformed by debased cultures and secular elites.

All 4 Lectures: $15.00
The Sermon: An Exposition of the Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

Its phraseology is deeply embedded into the everyday usage of the English language. It is the sermon par excellence of our Master Teacher, Jesus Christ, and is the manifesto of His Kingdom. Its teaching is fundamental to Christian faith and practice, and ought be burned into the heart of all believers.

All 7 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1: The Kingdom of God and Its Subjects: $4.00
Lecture 2: The Christian and the World: $4.00
Lecture 3: Jesus, Christians, and the Old Testament: $4.00
Lecture 4: The Ascetical Disciplines of the Kingdom: $4.00
Lecture 5: The Triumph of Faith over Anxiety in the Kingdom: $4.00
Lecture 6: The Christian Eye: $4.00
Lecture 7: The Two Paths - Ultimate Choices: $4.00
A Simple Heart: Cultivating Simplicity in the Spiritual Life
Bishop Irenei Steenberg

An extended question and answer session with Bishop Irenei and Father Josiah is included with special remarks on the Theme by His Eminence, Metropolitan JOSEPH, Primate of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.  Bishop Irenei serves as the Bishop of Sacramento for the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, and is well-known internationally for his superb theological scholarship and personal devotion.

All 6 Lectures: $15.00
Lecture #1: A Simple Faith, a Simple Heart, a Simple Encounter- The Essence of Spiritual Life: $4.00
Lecture #2: Simple Prayer, Elaborate Ritual - Navigating the Orthodox Spiritual Life: $4.00
Lecture #3: Cultivating a Simple Heart - The Jesus Prayer and the Interior Life of the Christian: $4.00
Lecture #4: Simplicity in a Complex World - Living Simply, Ecologically, Politically, Spiritually: $4.00
Lecture #5: Panel Discussion- Questions and Answers with Bishop Irenei and Father Josiah: $4.00
Lecture #6: Special Remarks by Metropolitan JOSEPH on Simplicity in Christian Life: $4.00
Prayer of the Heart in an Age of Technology and Distractions
Father Maximos

Father Maximos is the Presidential Research Scholar at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA. He is an Athonite monk, one-time Professor at Harvard Divinity School, accomplished author and translator, and lectures internationally in both academic and parochial venues.

This seven-lecture series was delivered by Father Maximos in February of 2014 to the clergy of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the West of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America at the invitation of His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph. It is published here on Patristic Nectar Publications with the permission of the author.

All 7 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1: Introductory Remarks on Prayer: $0.00
Lecture 2: Distractions: $4.00
Lecture 3: History of the Philokalia: $4.00
Lecture 4: The Buried Seed: $4.00
Lecture 5: The Practicing the Jesus Prayer: $4.00
Lecture 6: Logismoi - Taking Custody of Your Thoughts: $4.00
Lecture 7: Prayer of the Heart: $4.00
Joy Within Discomfort: thriving Amidst Anxiety and Depression
Dr. Xenia Serena Enke

As anxiety and depression abound at epidemic levels in our society these lectures are timely and encouraging. The speaker, Dr Enke, is deeply committed to a therapeutic practice that flows out of her Orthodox Christian faith and abides in the teachings of the Holy Fathers.  Dr. Enke is a therapist with extensive experience in treating depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

All 3 Lectures: $10.00
Lord and Master of My Life: Reflections on the Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian
Archimandrite Maximos (Constas)

With extended teaching on the significance of prostrations, repentance and transformation, the nature of our fundamental vices or passions, and the acquisition of virtue, Father Maximos - with his usual economy of words and vast pedagogical repertoire - makes the listener feel as though he had never heard the prayer in his life.

Complete Series, all three lecture: $10.00
Sage Counsel: Wisdom for Christian Living from the Proverbs
Fr. Josiah

Principles for leadership and politics; family dynamics; women and the Ideal wife; work, diligence and sloth; wise and foolish speech; and honesty and integrity. Each of the virtues of the wise is found to be Incarnate in our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is our wisdom, and taught us that wisdom is vindicated by her children.

All 7 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Proverbs: $0.00
Lecture 2 - Politics and Leadership in the Proverbs: $4.00
Lecture 3 - Family Dynamics: $4.00
Lecture 4 - Amazing Women and the Ideal Wife: $4.00
Lecture 5 - Diligence and Sloth: $4.00
Lecture 6 - Wise and Foolish Speech: $4.00
Lecture 7 - Honesty and Deceit: $4.00
Relationships: Human Relationships in the Light of Christ & Patristic Principles of Parenting
Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou & Father Josiah Trenham

Father Zacharias explains the means for a Christian to have all of his relationships flow from his central communion with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is this core union with Christ that scents and flavors all other human relationships for the Christian. Father Josiah speaks about family dynamics.  He presents a vision for family life and parenting articulating patristic principles for child-rearing drawn extensively from the teaching of St. John Chrysostom. Extended question and answer sessions follow each lecture.

2 Lectures + 2 Q/A Sessions: $10.00
The Voice in My Head: Reflections on the Conscience
Fr. Josiah

What is the conscience; the fall of the conscience and its pathologies; the Redemption of the conscience and the contours of its health; respecting the consciences of others - living in peace with disagreement; and the conscience in the Divine Liturgy, at death and at the last judgment.

All 5 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1: What is the Conscience?: $0.00
The Mystery of the Incarnation
Father Calinic Berger, Ph.D.

In this series, Father Calinic unfolds the personal presence of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, how Jewish monotheism was reconciled by the early Church with the worship of the Son of God, and the overwhelming mystery of the Virgin Birth. 

All 3 Lectures: $10.00
Counsels on the Holy Priesthood
Father Maximos Simonopetridi

These lectures are designed to reveal the inspired paradigm of priestly identity and service drawn from select Church Fathers. Each lecture combines both substantial patristic scholarship and penetrating contemporary images and applications. 

All 3 Lectures: $10.00
The Apostolic Fathers
Fr. Josiah

These writings are replete with inspiring examples of Christian devotion and provide a valuable window into both the significant personalities and the spiritual and theological ethos of the Christian generations immediately following the Apostolic period. These texts are also of great apologetic value in the contemporary pluralistic milieu in which Orthodox Christians dwell in the West.

All 5 Lectures: $15.00
Lecture 1: The Epistle of St. Clement of Rome to the Corinthians: $0.00
Contemporary Orthodox Elders
Fr. Josiah

The lives and teaching of these seven great elders from Romania, Greece, England and America are majestic love gifts from the reigning Christ to His Flock on earth, and their radiant witness serves as a clear guide for all who wish to enter into the Kingdom of God. 

All 7 Elders: $20.00
Father Epiphanios of Athens: $0.00
St. Porphyrios of Attica: $4.00
Father Sophrony of Essex: $4.00
Father Cleopa of Sihastria: $4.00
Father Aimilianos of Simonopetra: $4.00
St. Paisios of Mt. Athos: $4.00
Father Ephraim of Arizona: $4.00
The Ascetical and Pastoral Theology of St. Silouan the Athonite and Archimandrite Sophrony
Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

This edifying lecture series was originally delivered at the invitation of His Grace, Bishop Basil of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, at the Diocese's 2001 Clergy Brotherhood Retreat, and is published here with the blessing of the author.

All 8 Lectures: $20.00
The Hidden Man of the Heart
Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

His Grace, Bishop Basil of Wichita and Mid-America, introduces this series with these words, “In Father Zacharias’ words and very person we hear the mind of the Church in ways that we usually do not hear it, for in Father’s Zacharias teaching we touch the saints, both Elder Sophrony and St. Silouan… He presents a tapestry of Christian experience… Let us attend so that you too might be woven into that tapestry that we know as sacred tradition.” These lectures culminated in a book entitled "The Hidden Man of the Heart".  The highly esteemed Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou), is the spiritual son of the late Elder Sophrony of Essex.

All 7 lectures: $20.00
The Shepherd and the Sheep
Bishop Irenei (Steenberg)

These lectures are illumining not just for clergy, but for the laity as well.  Bishop Irenei encourages us all to live as faithful sheep in the flock of Christ.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Good Shepherd: $0.00
Lecture 2: The Spiritual Father: $3.00
Lecture 3: Holy Confession  : $3.00
Lecture 4: The Shepherd in the Divine Liturgy: $3.00
Lecture 5: Pastoring Children: $3.00
Taming Lions: The Life and Prophecy of the Holy and Righteous Daniel
Fr. Josiah

Lectures on Chapters 1-6 focus on the marvelous character of the Prophet Daniel and the Three Holy Youths. Having established the integrity and virtue of Daniel, called several times in the text a "man of high esteem", lectures on Chapters 7-12 attempt to explain with patristic guidance the meaning of the stunning visions that Daniel has of the future of the Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman Empires, as well as the coming of the Kingdom of God in the person of the mysterious "Son of Man." The eleventh and final lecture is dedicated to Chapters 13-14 which relate the stories of Susanna, Bel and the Dragon that are unfortunately not found in those English Bibles based on the Jewish Masoretic text.

All 11 Lectures: $25.00
Lecture 1: Living for God in Exile: Daniel as a Model Believer: $3.00
Lecture 1: Living for God in Exile: Daniel as a Model Believer: $0.00
Lecture 2: God's Stone and Mountain: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Fiery Furnace: $3.00
Lecture 4: King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Repentance: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Writing on the Wall: The Fall of Babylon: $3.00
Lecture 6: The Lion's Den: $3.00
Lecture 7: The Vision of the Four Beasts: $3.00
Lecture 8: The Vision of the Ram and the Goat: $3.00
Lecture 9: Daniel's Prayer for Israel's Restoration: $3.00
Lecture 10: The Last Great Vision of the Future: $3.00
Lecture 11: Susanna, Bel and the Dragon: $3.00
The Life and Teaching of St. Maximos the Confessor
Father Maximos (Simonopetritis)

St. Maximos the Confessor, who served God from 580-662, is one of the great theologians of the Orthodox Catholic Church. This devout monk, was a leading Constantinopolitan intellectual, a prolific author on doctrinal, ascetical, exegetical and liturgical subjects, and a confessor of Holy Orthodoxy who lost his right hand and tongue for his stentorian opposition to heresy. In 8 lectures, Father Maximos (Simonopetritis) - a highly esteemed patrologist and the world's leading authority on the teaching of St. Maximos the Confessor - presents an edifying overview of the life and works of this magnificent man of God and teacher of the Church. Father Maximos is Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. The lectures are entitled:

Lecture 1: What is a Church Father?
Lecture 2: An Overview of the Life of St. Maximos
Lecture 3: An Introduction to the Works of St. Maximos: Part 1
Lecture 4: An Introduction to the Works of St. Maximos: Part 2
Lecture 5: The Theology of St. Maximos: Part 1 The Ambigua
Lecture 6: The Theology of St. Maximos: Part 2 The Ambigua
Lecture 7: The Theology of St. Maximos: Questions of Thalassius: Part 1
Lecture 8: The Theology of St. Maximos: Questions of Thalassius: Part 2
PDF: The Iconography of St. Maximos

All 8 Lectures + PDF: $20.00
Lecture 1: What is a Church Father?: $0.00
Lecture 2: An Overview of the Life of St. Maximos: $3.00
Lecture 3: An Introduction to the Works of St. Maximos: Part 1: $3.00
Lecture 4: An Introduction to the Works of St. Maximos: Part 2: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Theology of St. Maximos: Part 1 The Ambigua: $3.00
Lecture 6: The Theology of St. Maximos: Part 2 The Ambigua: $3.00
Lecture 7: The Theology of St. Maximos: Questions of Thalassius: Part 1: $3.00
Lecture 8: The Theology of St. Maximos: Questions of Thalassius: Part 2: $3.00
The Christian Life is Impossible...All We are able to Do is to Die Daily
Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

A magnificent culling of the Patristic treasury chocked full of insights from Father Zacharias' own life and experience as a spiritual son of Elder Sophrony of Essex.  The series includes a question and answer session.

All 6 Lectures + Questions and Answers: $15.00
Lecture 1: The Cross of Christ: The Justification of God and Man: $0.00
Lecture 2: Overturning the Pyramid of the Created World: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Love of Enemies: $3.00
Lecture 4: Prophetic Life and Authenticity in the Church: $3.00
Lecture 5: Building the Temple of God in Ourselves and Our Fellows: $3.00
Lecture 6: Fattening the Soul through Hesychia and Tears: $3.00
Questions and Answers: $3.00
The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life
Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

Beginning with the deliverance from Egyptian tyranny when Israel was drunk with divine consolation, continuing through the extended wilderness wanderings, and culminating in the entrance into the Promised Land- the mystery of life in Christ unfolds - an ever-increasing and dynamic relationship with God. These lectures were codified into a book entitled Remember Thy First Love: The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life in the Theology of Elder Sophrony.  

All 9 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1: The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life: $0.00
Personhood in the Life and Ministry of Elder Sophrony (Sakharov)
Archimandrite Zacharias (Zacharou)

These lectures have since been expanded and codified in a text by Father Zacharias entitled, "Man, the Target of God". Father Zacharias a spiritual son of Elder Sophrony and a long-time member of the monastery of St. John the Baptist, founded by Elder Sophrony in Essex, England in 1959. Father Zacharias is also the primary conduit in contemporary Orthodoxy of the life and teaching of Elder Soprhony, and has written many books in which he articulates Father Sophrony's inspired teachings. Patristic Nectar Publications is honored to host these lectures by such an esteemed lecturer as Father Zacharias.

All 7 Lectures: $15.00
Lecture 1: The Hypostatic Mode of Existence in the Life and Ministry of Elder Sophrony: $0.00
Lecture 2: The Hypostatic Principle as a Gift of the Triune God: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Manifestation of the Divine and Human Hypostases: $3.00
Lecture 4: The Portrait of Personhood in St. Silouan: $3.00
Lecture 5: An Itinerary of the Human Persona: $3.00
Lecture 6: Hypostatic Prayer: A Supreme Gift: $3.00
Lecture 7: Theology as a Spiritual State of the Person: $3.00
Vespers: Our Evening Offering to God
Fr. Josiah

How this audio came to be…  Many years ago a young man upon being ordained into the Holy Orthodox Priesthood found himself with the tremendous blessing and daunting task of leading the people of God pastorally as well as in the divine services. One of the great early challenges, among many, was learning how to proficiently chant according to the ancient traditions and tones of the Church. It was because of this that Bishop Basil lovingly created these audio recordings and provided this young priest with a model and training sessions of how to properly chant for the Church and Her Services. The following are those same exact audio files. These have been digitally enhanced and are now offered to you by Patristic Nectar Publications. Our hope is that others who find themselves in a similar circumstance or simply with the desire to learn have available to them an exceptional model and training resource. May these be richly edifying for those who seek to learn how to chant.

Bishop Basil of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America (Antiochian Archdiocese) is one of the premier liturgists in the contemporary Orthodox world. He is a former instructor of Byzantine Chant at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary where a Chair of Byzantine Liturgical Music was established in his name in 2010. He is also the author of The Liturgikon: The Book of Divine Services for the Priest and Deacon published originally in 1989, now in its 3rd edition, and considered by many to be the premier Ieratikon in the English language. He himself has composed and/or arranged numerous Byzantine music settings in his Contemporary Byzantine Music project.

All 4 Lectures: $12.00
Lessons from the Lives of Ss. Peter and Paul
Mother Melania

Explore how the powers of the soul – the intellect, the will and the heart – are to be used to cultivate virtue and conquer the principal vices by gleaning edifying and illustrative examples of Christian living from the lives of the Holy Foremost of the Apostles, Peter and Paul.  The series culminates in reflections on Christian leadership drawn from the lives of these two Apostles.

All 4 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1 - The Powers of the Soul and the Eight Principal Passions: $3.00
Lecture 2 - Practical Lessons from the Life of St. Peter: $3.00
Lecture 3 - Practical Lessons from the Life of St. Paul: $3.00
Lecture 4 - Principles of Christian Leadership from the Lives of Ss. Peter and Paul: $3.00
Job: Lessons on Faith, Wisdom and Suffering
Father Josiah

Father Josiah surveys all 42 chapters of this beloved staple of the Old Testament Wisdom literature. Orthodox Christians read the Book of Job each year during Holy Week as they prepare to experience the Saving Passion of Jesus Christ the Lord. The Much-Suffering Prophet Job is a supreme example of the "innocent sufferer" whose intercessions healed men and whose patient endurance of inexplicable suffering was resolved by the unfolding of God's marvelous providence.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1 - Job's Suffering and Patience: $3.00
Lecture 2 - Job's Bitter Complaint: $3.00
Lecture 3 - The Inadequate Explanations of Job's Friends: $3.00
Lecture 4 - The Monologues of Elihu and Job: $3.00
Lecture 5 - The Appearance of God and the Repentence of Job: $3.00
The Pedagogy of Grace
Father Maximos (Constas)

Though separated by more than a millennium in time, these two saints share a very common experience of grace. Fr. Maximos searchingly penetrates into the spiritual lives of these saints by placing special emphasis upon their common experience of dereliction, or the loss of grace. Through this lens one is able to understand the supreme importance that the Lord God places upon the acquisition of humility as the prerequisite to spiritual attainment.

All 3 Lectures: $10.00
Apocalypse Soon
Fr. Josiah

The Revelation of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian completes the New Testament Canon. It is both an end and a beginning, as it unveils to the Church both the cataclysmic conclusion of this falling age, and the ushering in of the New Heavens and New Earth where righteousness dwells forever. The Revelation, or the Apocalypse, as it is traditionally known, is a unique genre of literature among the 27 books of the New Testament known as "apocalyptic." In 22 sacred chapters St. John reveals the zeal of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ to maintain the purity of His Church, and to lead Her victoriously into His eternal Kingdom. Under numerous symbols and images, as well as dramatic and confrontational historical depictions, the nature of the war in heaven and on earth is revealed between the Church of Jesus Christ and Her enemies: the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, the harlot and those in alliance with evil. The message of the Lord to His much-suffering Church of the 1st century and today is this: Be faithful to the end, for the Lord is coming quickly to reward those who hold fast to His Name.

All 10 Lectures: $20.00
The Vision of Christ: Ch. 1: $0.00
The Letters to the Seven Churches: Chs. 2-3: $3.00
The Throne of God and His Book : Chs. 4-5: $3.00
The Seven Seals: Chs 6-7: $3.00
The Seven Trumpets: Chs. 8-11: $3.00
The Seven Symbolic Histories: Chs. 12-14: $3.00
The Seven Bowls of Wrath: Chs. 15-16: $3.00
Babylon the Great Harlot: Chs. 17-18: $3.00
Satan's Doom: Chs. 19-20: $3.00
The Final Reality: The New Heavens and Earth: Chs. 21-22: $3.00
Saints, Sanctity and the Life of St. Raphael of Brooklyn
Father Maximos (Constas) and Father Josiah Trenham

Father Maximos (Constas) and Father Josiah Trenham explore the subject of what constitutes a Saint of the Church.  Father Maximos explores the nature of holiness.  Both Father Maximos and Father Josiah deliver lectures on the particular holiness of St. Raphael, Bishop of Brooklyn.

All 4 Lectures plus 1 Bonus Lecture: $15.00
Lecture 1: The Intense Expectation of Encountering Christ: $0.00
Christian Marriage and Secular Culture: What it Should be and What it has Become
Fr. Josiah

St. Paul calls Christian Marriage a "great mystery".  In this series, Fr. Josiah describes the nature of the Divine-Human marriage between God and His people, between Christ and the Church, as well as the contours of authentic marriage between believers in the Church. He also describes the sad decimation of marriage progressively taking place in our post-Christian and secular culture. These lectures are offered with hopes that they will inspire a vision for Christian living in marriage, elevate the aspirations of Christians in their conjugal lives, and serve as a protection against the inroads of degrading secularism in the home.

All 2 Lectures: $5.00
Joy: An Exposition of Saint Paul's Letter to the Philippians
Fr. Josiah

Of all St. Paul's letters in the New Testament, Philippians is the most personal. The Great Apostle had a very dear relationship with this local church, and the theme of Christian joy radiates in each of the four chapters. This is deeply intriguing since St. Paul wrote this joyful letter of thanksgiving while he was in prison! Each of the chapters contains some of the most sublime teachings of the Gospel, including in chapter 2 the most detailed Apostolic teaching on the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ found in the entire New Testament. These lectures are presented with the sincere hope that a more thorough study of this Pauline letter will fill believers with the joy which St. Paul models and of which he speaks.

All 4 Lectures: $10.00
Drive: How to Save Your Soul in Traffic
Fr. Josiah

Perhaps the most unexamined aspect of contemporary urban life is driving the car. After working, sleeping, and entertainment driving consumes the greatest portion of our days. Car ownership is now the second most costly portion of modern life after housing.  This series explores how we might transform this seemingly lost time into opportunities for spiritual reflection and growth in Orthodox praxis and Godly virtue. 

A Heart for God: Lessons from the Life of the Holy King and Prophet David
Fr. Josiah

Christians are indebted to no one in the Old Testament more than to the Holy Prophet and King, David. He alone, amongst all the believers in the ancient covenant, is described by the Lord as having a “heart for God.” David’s sin, in infamy 2nd only to that of Adam, has been meditated upon by believers, as has David’s deep repentance - which has provided an image for countless penitents to imitate over the centuries in order to find peace with God. In this series, the entire life of King David from his early rise as a humble shepherd, to his years in hiding from Saul, to the magnificent covenant that God cut with him which provided the prism through which believers have come to understand He Who is the ultimate Son of David, the true King of Kings who reigns on David’s throne at the right hand of the Father; the one’s whose heart is gentle and perfect: Jesus Christ the Lord.

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All 10 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture # 1  The Rise of a Humble Shepherd: $0.00
Lecture # 2  Killing Giants: David and Goliath: $3.00
Lecture # 3  Hunted: David and Saul: $3.00
Lecture # 4  Soul Friendship: David and Jonathan: $3.00
Lecture # 5  Davidic Covenant and Coronation: $3.00
Lecture # 6  The Wars of the King: $3.00
Lecture # 7  Sin and Repentance: $3.00
Lecture # 8  Suffering in Family and Kingdom: $3.00
Lecture # 9  The Sweet Psalmist of Israel: $3.00
Lecture # 10 The Last Days of the King: $3.00
The Desert Fathers
Fr. Josiah

The Desert Fathers hold a foundational place in the Church's understanding of the authentic Christian life. The Desert Fathers and Mothers are the world's "true evangelicals"...those whose lives were completely formed by the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. The contours of their lives demonstrate the freedom that Jesus Christ gives to His followers who take Him at His word and submit all to His cause. In the recesses of the Egyptian desert these saints possessed life, and that abundantly. From the Gospel explosion, which was St. Antony's life written by St. Athanasios the Great, through several hundred years of Saints populating the deserts of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and even Persia, Gaul, Britain and Ireland the Desert Fathers have provided a touchstone by which all future generations are able to measure Christian virtue. The principles of spiritual life expressed in their lives and sayings continue to inspire devotion to the Holy Trinity today.

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All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Desert Fathers as Paradigms of Christian Living: $0.00
An Orthodox Catechism
Fr. Josiah

For those seeking to become Orthodox, Catechism is a process of full-orbed Christian formation in which the Orthodox Christian life is inculcated in the learner through participation in divine services, prayer, study, community assimilation, and practice. At the heart of the catechetical process are the catechetical lectures delivered to the catechumens by the priest or the catechist.  It is toward this goal of providing a usable introduction to Holy Orthodoxy that the sixteen lectures entitled An Orthodox Catechism have been developed by Father Josiah. This series has been utilized by Father Josiah in parish practice over the course of almost two decades to prepare more than 400 catechumens for reception into the Orthodox Church.  

Not having an official Orthodox Catechism in the English language, many parishes and pastors scramble to put together a basic catechism that will adequately expose the inquirer and catechumen to the contours of Orthodox faith and life.  It is hoped that this series will aid priests and parishes in preparing catechumens to be received into the Church, as well as edify Orthodox individuals seeking a better understanding of their faith.

These sixteen lectures are presented to catechumens in two parts. Part One: God, Man, Church is traditionally delivered over the eight weeks leading to the Feast of the Nativity of Christ. Part Two: The Holy Mysteries is delivered over the eight weeks leading up to Pasha, when catechumens are being prepared for reception into the Church on Great and Holy Saturday.

All Lectures - both Part 1 and Part 2: $35.00
Part 1 / Lecture 1: The True God: $0.00
Part 1 / Lecture 2: The Human Being: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 3: Sin: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 4: Jesus Christ, the Son of God: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 5: Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 6: Repentence and Faith: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 7: The Holy Spirit: $3.00
Part 1 / Lecture 8: The Church and the Mother of God: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 1: The Mystery of Holy Baptism: $0.00
Part 2 / Lecture 2: The Mystery of Holy Chrismation: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 3: The Mystery of the Holy Eucharist: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 4: The Mystery of Holy Confession: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 5: The Mystery of the Holy Priesthood: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 6: The Mystery of Holy Matrimony: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 7: The Mystery of Holy Unction: $3.00
Part 2 / Lecture 8: The Mystery of Death & the Funeral: $3.00
Soul Cleansing: The Mystery of Confession
Fr. Josiah

Confession regenerates the human soul, and is the milieu in which "the rubber meets the road" in Christian transformation. The embrace of regular and heart-felt confession can open the door to God's Kingdom for us all.  Topics covered in this series include: The meaning and institution of confession; preparation for confession and the Importance of self-examination; confession as spiritual medicine and the curative power of penance; the Father confessor; and answers to objections.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Mystery of Confession: $0.00
The Beatitudes
Fr. Josiah

The Beatitudes, or the blessings, pronounced by our Lord Jesus Christ upon His faithful followers constitute the opening salvo in our Savior’s most famous teaching, The Sermon on the Mount. In this series each beatitude is unveiled revealing the universal character of an authentic Christian. Those who inculcate these sacred dispositions manifest the face of Jesus Christ to the world. By incarnating the qualities of Jesus Christ our Savior, that is, poverty of spirit, mourning, gentleness, hunger and thirst for righteousness, mercy, purity of heart, peacemaking, and the joyful acceptance of persecution - believers become the salt of the earth and the light of the world. 

All 8 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: $0.00
Lecture 2: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn: $3.00
Lecture 3: Blessed are the Meek: $3.00
Lecture 4: Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness: $3.00
Lecture 5: Blessed are the Merciful: $3.00
Lecture 6: Blessed are the Pure in Heart: $3.00
Lecture 7: Blessed are the Peacemakers: $3.00
Lecture 8: Blessed are the Persecuted: $3.00
The Good Wife: Five Lectures on the Christian Ideal
Fr. Josiah

The good wife as help-mate; as soul of the family; as the homemaker, nourisher, and steward; as the lover, domesticator and healing drug; and as faithful friend. This series is helpful for young men and women who are contemplating marriage, the engaged, pastors who need pre-marital counseling material, and husbands and wives who wish to enrich their marriage and establish it as more thoroughly Christian.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Good Wife as the Help-Mate: $0.00
Lecture 2: The Good Wife as the Homemaker: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Good Wife as the Lover and the Healing Potent Drug: $3.00
Lecture 4: The Good Wife as the Heart of the Family: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Good Wife as the Faithful Friend: $3.00
A Christian Ending to Our Lives: Death, Funeral, Burial, and Memorials in the Orthodox Christian Tradition
Fr. Josiah

The lectures are devoted to the remembrance of death, the significance of aging, the meaning of the funeral service and burial, the tradition of Christian cemeteries and memorial customs, and the ancient and universal practice of praying for the repose of the departed. Besides examining these much-neglected topics, Father Josiah provides two step-by-step guides: one guide elucidating the steps a family ought take from the time of a beloved one's repose until burial. A PDF of this guide entitled Steps to Be Taken Upon the Death of a Loved One is provided with the series. Father also posits additional guidance elucidating the steps a family can take to express love for and to assist the soul of a departed loved one in the forty days immediately following his or her repose.

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All 7 Lectures plus the PDF: $12.00
Lecture 1: The Remembrance of Death: $2.00
Lecture 2: A Christian Approach to Aging: $2.00
Lecture 3: Dying Well - Spiritual Essentials and Practicals for the Family: $2.00
Lecture 4: The Funeral Service: $2.00
Lecture 5: Christian Burial, Graves and Cemeteries: $2.00
Lecture 6: Praying for the Departed: $2.00
Lecture 7: Loving the Departed Forever- Memorials, Soul Saturdays, and Almsgiving for the Dead: $2.00
PDF: Steps to Be Taken Upon the Death of a Loved One: $1.00
Combo Special! 1) Masturbation: Love's Thief 2) The Plague of Pornography: The Black Death of the 21st Century
Fr Josiah

Masturbation is shown to be an enemy of love and proper sexual expression, and counsel is offered from the Holy Fathers on how to overcome this temptation.  Pornography is shown to be the black death of the 21st century.  The Holy Fathers shine the light of Jesus Christ upon the darkness of the pornography industry, exposing it according to St. Paul's injunction to "have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness but instead to expose them" (Ephesians 5:11), providing hope and guidance to those who are struggling to break unnatural attachments to pornography.

Both Lectures: $7.00
Do This and You Shall Live: An Exposition of the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
Fr. Josiah

A review of how the Law of God – The Ten Commandments – directs all people to Christ, manifests His beauty and holiness, and reveals God's will for His people in every place and time.  Twenty fundamental theological principles concerning God's Law are expounded, each of the Ten Commandments is explained in its original meaning and contemporary application, and special emphasis is given to the unique challenges faced by 21st century believers, who dwell in a post-Christian and secularized context.

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All 10 Commandments: $15.00
The 1st Commandment: $0.00
The 2nd Commandment: $2.00
The 3rd Commandment: $2.00
The 4th Commandment: $2.00
The 5th Commandment: $2.00
The 6th Commandment: $2.00
The 7th Commandment: $2.00
The 8th Commandment: $2.00
The 9th Commandment: $2.00
The 10th Commandment: $2.00
God's Statesmen: Pious Christian Kings
By Fr Josiah

A presentation of the lives of eight saintly Kings of the first Christian millennium: Ss. Constantine the Great, Theodosios I, Justinian the Great, Alfred the Great, Boris of Bulgaria, Vladimir of Kiev, Stephen of Bulgaria, and Edward the Confessor of England. These kings established a model of godly political rule for Christendom, and continue to provide a shining witness of faith in Jesus Christ. In the political realm corruption is so often the norm, but these great kings of the past demonstrate that holiness is possible even in politics. By the example of these kings Christians are able to gauge what is really valuable in a political leader.

All 8 Lectures: $12.00
Lecture 1: Holy Emperor St Constantine the Great: $0.00
Lecture 2: Holy Emperor St Theodosios I: $2.00
Lecture 3: Holy Emperor St Justinian the Great: $2.00
Lecture 4: King St Alfred the Great: $2.00
Lecture 5: St. Boris of Bulgaria: $2.00
Lecture 6: St. Vladimir: Grand Prince of Kiev: $2.00
Lecture 7: St. Stephen, King of Hungary: $2.00
Lecture 8: St. Edward the Confessor: $2.00
Healing Our Diseases: The Church as a Spiritual Hospital
Fr. Josiah

Topics include:  Jesus Christ as Healer; sin as a disease; the Church as a spiritual hospital; the Spiritual Father as a physician of the soul; and the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan for six common spiritual pathologies - self-love, anger, gluttony, despondency, avarice, and pride. In this series Holy Orthodoxy is revealed for what it is at its heart: a means for acquiring divine power and grace for the healing of our diseases of soul and body, and not a barren ideology.

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All 10 Lectures: $20.00
Lecture 1- Jesus Christ the Healer: $0.00
Lecture 2- Sin as a Disease: $3.00
Lecture 3- The Church as a Spiritual Hospital: $3.00
Lecture 4- The Spiritual Father as a Physician of the Soul: $3.00
Lecture 5- Overcoming the Disease of Self Love: $3.00
Lecture 6- Overcoming the Disease of Anger: $3.00
Lecture 7- Overcoming the Disease of Despondency: $3.00
Lecture 8- Overcoming the Disease of Gluttony: $3.00
Lecture 9- Overcoming the Disease of Avarice: $3.00
Lecture 10- Overcoming the Disease of Pride: $3.00
Love: The Most Excellent Way - An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 13
By Fr Josiah

St. Paul’s famous love chapter – 1 Corinthians 13 – has become duly famous as the most extensive description of love found in the divine oracles. Through the use of multiple verbs, St. Paul unpacks the contours of divine and human love, and fashions a picture of a way of life he calls the most excellent way. This superlative way is to be the way of life of each and every Christian person. These lectures are intended to inspire just this life of love for God and men. 

All 7 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: Love is Supreme: $0.00
Lecture 2: Love is Long-Suffering: $2.00
Lecture 3: Love is Kind: $2.00
Lecture 4: Love is Not Jealous: $2.00
Lecture 5: Love is Not Selfish: $2.00
Lecture 6: Love Rejoices in the Truth: $2.00
Lecture 7: Love is Forever: $2.00
Orthodox Worship and the Divine Liturgy
By Fr Josiah

The mysteries of the Holy Liturgy are explained with patristic commentary; the 25 foundational principles of traditional Christian worship derived from the Holy Scripture are outlined; and the unbroken traditions of the Church are explored.

All 10 Lectures: $15.00
Lecture 1: Fundamental Truths of Orthodox Worship: $0.00
Lecture 2: Preparation for the Holy Liturgy and The Prothesis: $2.00
Lecture 3: The Great Litany, the Amen, and the Antiphons - The Liturgy of the Catechumens: $2.00
Lecture 4: Hesychia, the Little Entrance, Readings, and Homily - The Liturgy of the Catechumens: $2.00
Lecture 5: The Catechumens, the Cherubic Hymn, and the Great Entrance - The Liturgy of the Faithful: $2.00
Lecture 6: The Angel of Peace, the Kiss of Love, and the Creed - The Liturgy of the Faithful: $2.00
Lecture 7: The Holy Anaphora- The Holy of Holies of the Divine Liturgy - The Liturgy of the Faithful: $2.00
Lecture 8: The Memory of the Saints, the Diptychs, and the Our Father - The Liturgy of the Faithful: $2.00
Lecture 9: Holy Things are for the Holy- Holy Communion - The Liturgy of the Faithful: $2.00
Lecture 10: Let us go forth in peace- The Dismissal - The Liturgy of the Faithful: $2.00
Starting Down the Royal Path: How to Become an Orthodox Christian
Fr. Josiah

This lecture provides an detailed overview of the traditional path of Orthodox Christian catechesis. In this lecture, born out of the study of patristic catechesis and the experience of instructing more than 250 catechumens, Father Josiah lays out a traditional practical step-by-step process for teaching inquirers and catechumens the Orthodox faith in such a way as to give them a solid "foundation of repentance and faith" (Heb. 6:1) that will serve them and the church for life. Included with this lecture are two attachments: 1. A Chart of the Initiatory Process, and 2. Text of the Lecture Itself.

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Audio lecture and two PDFs: $5.00
Taking Every Thought Captive to the Obedience of Christ: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Feminism in Antichrist Culture
By Fr Josiah

Reflections on multiculturalism and feminism in an antichrist culture, and the need to hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

Taking Every Thought Captive to the Obedience of Christ: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Feminism in Antichrist Culture: $0.00
The Bible and the Church
Fr. Josiah

A discourse on the important subjects surrounding the nature of Holy Scripture and its relationship to the Church of Christ. Subjects addressed include the miracle of inspiration, the nature of Scripture as the words of the Word - the very speech of the Holy Trinity; the inspired process and criteria of the canonization of Scripture; the Bible as a locus of spiritual experience, a Theophany and spiritual medicine against the passions; how the Scriptures are utilized in the liturgy and the Christian home; and how to avoid the false dichotomies between the Church and the Bible, Truth, and Jesus Christ.

All 3 Lectures: $7.00
Lecture 1 - The Miracle of the Bible: $3.00
Lecture 2 - The Greater Miracle of the Church: $3.00
Lecture 3 - The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church: $3.00
The Doctrines of Demons: A History of Early Heresy
By Fr Josiah

An examination of the major heresies of the first four centuries of Christian history, explaining the mind of the Church about the errors of each heresy, commenting upon how each heresy survives in some form today, and articulating the true faith in contrast.  As the Christian faith is the greatest good on the earth, so heresy is the greatest evil in the world leading to the everlasting ruin of human persons. As the Christian faith enlightens mankind through the preaching of the Gospel, the true faith at the same time exposes error and heresy, castigating it as such in order to protect the faithful from harm and recalling those who have sadly embraced the doctrines of demons.

All 7 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: Heresy according to the Scriptures and the Church Fathers: $0.00
Lecture 2: Early Judaizing and Gnostic Heresies: $2.00
Lecture 3: The Heresy of Arianism: $2.00
Lecture 4: The Heresy of Donatism: $2.00
Lecture 5: The Heresy of Pelagianism: $2.00
Lecture 6: The Heresy of Manicheanism: $2.00
Lecture 7: The Heresy of Jovianism & Heresies concerning Marriage and Virginity: $2.00
The Good Husband: Five Lectures on the Christian Ideal
Fr. Josiah

The Christian ideal for husbands is discussed – the husband as leader, domestic pastor, lover, provider, and faithful friend.  This series is helpful for young men and women who are contemplating marriage, the engaged, pastors who need pre-marital counseling material, and husbands and wives who wish to enrich their marriage and establish it as more thoroughly Christian.

All 5 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Good Husband as the Leader: $0.00
Lecture 2: The Good Husband as the Domestic Pastor: $3.00
Lecture 3: The Good Husband as the Lover: $3.00
Lecture 4: The Good Husband as the Provider: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Good Husband as the Faithful Friend: $3.00
The Prayer Rule
Fr. Josiah

An exploration of the discipline of classical Orthodox Christian personal prayer.  These edifying presentations examine the content and order of the prayer rule, giving special emphasis to the prayers of repentance, the rule of prostrations, the giving of thanks, the use of the Jesus Prayer, and spiritual reading.

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All 6 Lectures: $10.00
Lecture 1: The Importance of the Prayer Rule: $0.00
Lecture 2: Repentance in Prayer - Bodily Worship: $3.00
Lecture 3: Thanksgiving and Praise: $3.00
Lecture 4: Intercessions: $3.00
Lecture 5: The Jesus Prayer: $3.00
Lecture 6: Spiritual Reading: $3.00
Combo Special! 1) The Antichrist and Signs of the End of the World and 2) The Soul After Death
St. John of San Francisco

In part one the saint distills for us the essential eschatological teachings concerning those events that are to unfold just prior to the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ in glory.  In part two is an illuminating sermon on the movement of the human soul after death.  St. John penetrates the mystery which enshrouds death, avoiding both the Latin error of purgatory on the one hand, and the Protestant error of instantaneous glorification on the other hand. He presents us with a simple explanation of the reason that Orthodox Christians pray for the departed as we do.

Parts 1 and 2: $7.00
Combo Special! 1) Marriage: The Great Sacrament and 2) On Holy Virginity
Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra & St. Philaret of Moscow

Part 1: Marriage: The Great Sacrament
The great Athonite elder, Aimilianos of Simonopetra, delivered this lecture on marriage as a young abbot. Here, from the heart and pen of one of the most influential monks of modern times, we have, perhaps, the most beautiful description of the married life ever written. Listeners will find their hearts enthralled and their vision for married life greatly expanded by this lecture.
Part 2: On Holy Virginity
St. Philaret is certainly one of the greatest Orthodox preachers of the last several centuries. In this homily we have a classic patristic presentation on the supremacy and glory of the state of consecrated celibacy, presented with the stature and cogency of the great and holy Fathers. This work is a mighty antidote to the anti-monastic and pleasure-loving disease in which contemporary man swims. This offering is included in the Ten Marian Homilies of St. Philaret and is reproduced here.

Parts 1 and 2: $7.00
Ten Homilies on the Holy Virgin Mary
St. Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow

St. Philaret unfolds the unspeakable beauty and faith of the Holy Virgin Mary, and is not shy to posit difficult questions that non-Orthodox persons ask about our devotion to Our Lady. He provides penetrating answers from the text of Holy Scripture, and does so always with a single eye on the edification of the soul. The listener will feast royally on these homilies.

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All 10 Homilies: $20.00
Homily 1 - The Mother and Brethren of Christ - A Homily on the Nativity of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 2 - On Holy Virginity - A Homily on the Feast of the Presentation of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 3 - On the Necessity of the Incarnation - A Homily on the Feast of the Annunciation: $3.00
Homily 4 - On Obedience - A Homily on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 5 - On Silence - A Homily on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 6 - On Trial - A Homily on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 7 - The Foundation of God - A Homily on the Feast of the Annunciation of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 8 - On Grace - A Homily on the Dormition of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 9 - The Virgin Blessed by All Generations - A Homily on the Dormition of the Mother of God: $3.00
Homily 10 - On the Secret Grace of the Virgin - A Homily on the Dormition of the Mother of God: $3.00