Holy Orthodoxy and Abortion
Bishop Basil (Essey)

This sermon was delivered by His Grace, Basil, Bishop of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in North America.  In it he speaks of the holocaust of abortion. Each year in January the Orthodox Church in America commemorates the Sanctify of Life. This is done each year around the date of the infamous Supreme Court decision of January 22nd, 1973, Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in America. Since that time the lives of some 60 million unborn children have been sacrificed on the altar of "a woman's right to choose". Each year in our nation more and more citizens are rising up against this barbarism, gathering throughout the country to peacefully protest, and many bishops and priests are speaking out against the abortion holocaust in their parishes, dioceses, and publicly.  Bishop Basil serves as the Secretary of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in the United States. It is a stentorian call to the defense of unborn life, and a model homily for clergy desirous of preaching on the sanctity of life. Patristic Nectar Publications offers this homily with the blessing of its author.

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